What Are You Doing with Your Electronic Waste?

In a competitive business world, keeping up with technology is a must. But this doesn’t mean you should throw your old electronic devices in the trash. The world generates 50 million tons of electronic waste a year, contributing to our planet’s deepening environmental crisis. So how do you stay on top of your technological needs while protecting the environment? In this blog, we discuss the benefits of e-waste recycling and what to look for in an e-waste recycling service provider.

Safe and Legal Recycling

The US EPA and state and federal governments are tracking the e-waste disposal practices of companies. Donating your old devices to charities or allowing your employees to buy used electronics is risky because your data can be recovered from them. Plus, the liability for environmental hazards could fall back on your company if the devices aren’t recycled at the end of their lifecycles. The safest way to protect your organization is to partner with a legally-compliant electronics recycler.

An e-waste recycling service protects your organization by making it easy to recycle outdated IT assets. A professional provider comes to your business and picks up your old devices. If sensitive data is stored on your electronics, your provider destroys them on site with a mobile shredding vehicle. Your e-waste is transported to an authorized recycler and you receive documentation showing proof of recycling. At the recycling facility, your devices are either refurbished, harvested for reuse or resale, or turned into usable raw materials to make other products.

Choosing the Right Electronic Waste Recycling Partner

Given the volume of e-waste businesses generate, the market for e-waste recycling is robust. But not all recycling providers are equal. Many companies illegally export unprocessed equipment with hazardous and toxic materials to developing countries. So how can you be sure your electronic waste is recycled here in the United States? Partner with a company that has a “No Export” policy so you know your electronic waste is recycled legally and safely. Make sure your recycling provider works closely with the following organizations:

  • US EPA
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • e-Steward Initiative
  • Local solid waste departments

The environmental problems caused by electronic waste may continue to grow, but your organization can stem the tide by partnering with a qualified e-waste recycling provider.

Land Shark Shredding offers eWaste recycling services in Bowling Green and throughout southwest Kentucky. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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