Top 5 Favorite Sharks

As the fall season begins, we at Land Shark Shredding thought we’d reminisce about those warm summer days at the beach. Sunshine, sand, maybe a cool drink, and most likely, sharks! We’ve carefully selected a list of our Top 5 favorite sharks from movies and television for your shredding pleasure:


5. The shark from The Shallows


This Great White is one nasty menace. He’s basically like Jaws‘s hyperactive kid brother. He’s cunning, and when he strikes it’s violent, sudden and altogether mortifying. He keeps poor Nancy (Blake Lively) stranded on the same rock 200 yards from shore for days. She can’t move without the threat of him turning her to mincemeat. The shark from The Shallows is too smart and too mean to not appreciate. We haven’t seen a shark this scary since Jaws.


4. The Sharknado

Where the shark of The Shallows plays it smart, SyFy Channel’s sharks are big, dumb animals who get swept up by a cyclone. As the “sharknado” moves, it shreds everything in its path, and that’s something we at Land Shark Shredding can appreciate.


3. Bruce from Finding Nemo


Bruce isn’t like most sharks, for the most part. He’s jovial and seems like a guy you wouldn’t mind shredding with. All he wants is a friend. Just don’t hang around him if you have any open wounds. Aside from that, Bruce’s charming demeanor is enough to maintain a spot on our list.


2. The shark from Jaws


This is the granddaddy of them all. The shark from Jaws is nothing but an enormous, stone-cold killer. Where the shark from The Shallows causes peril for our heroine Nancy, the threat of the shark in Jaws is so great that it cripples an entire New England community. Similarly, that fear of what lurks in the water seared itself into the minds and hearts of an entire generation of moviegoers. Jaws has been a pop culture mainstay for roughly 40 years, and for good reason.

Kids these days dream of going to the beach all year. Oh, to be young and naive.


1. Chevy Chase as “the Land shark” from Saturday Night Live


Call us biased. SNL‘s “Land shark” is our company’s namesake. Our owner, Don, loved that sketch so much that he named his company after it. Sadly, “candygrams” have yet to be instituted around the office.

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