Top 3 Benefits of Free Shred Events


On October 20th, Land Shark Shredding attended the Business-to-Business Expo in Paducah, Kentucky. We had a truck on hand to shred any paper that our friends brought by. The best part – we’re did it all for FREE! That offer was only valid for the duration of Thursday’s event, but the good news is that we do similar events all the time. Free community shred events are important for a number of reasons. These are the three that we find to be the most crucial:

  • Community outreach

Free community shred events allow us to draw greater attention to the Land Shark brand while also performing a valuable service to our friends and neighbors. It affords us some face-time with the folks who use our services. This fosters invaluable connections and relationships; people see us, get to know us, and come to trust us for their needs. Not many companies do that, so we’re thrilled to provide Local Shred Events as something of a unique “perk” for our community.

  • Clutter cleanse

We love helping folks out. Community shred days provide a way for you to clean up and clear out all those mountains of old bills, receipts and mail piling up around your home. These events are almost always on weekends, so they’re convenient for you to get to while running errands. Oh, and did we mention you typically never pay a cent for services on Community Shred Days? Sometimes we partner with charities who request a small donation in exchange for paper disposal, but either way, we’re all doing some serious good.

  • Saving the environment

Speaking of doing serious good, all the materials collected during Community Shred Events are recycled. Once the truck is full at the end of the event, it’s hauled to a facility which makes big bales of all that shredded paper. Those bales are then sold to manufacturers of paper towels, toilet paper, napkins and the like. So just think… you could literally be wiping your backside with those old bills. As the recycled napkins at Chipotle say, “Forgive and forget.” Might as well. Together, we’re saving the world one shred event at a time.


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