Tips for Choosing a Shredding and Destruction Provider

business woman checking mark on checklist with a red markerIs your business looking for a shredding and destruction solution, but you’re not sure how to choose the right provider? In this blog, we offer several tips for choosing and shredding and destruction services provider.

Set High Standards

Not all shredding and destruction providers are equal. Dependability, security, value, and quality of service vary within the industry. Choose a provider who offers a superior combination of all of these, and you’ll have a true shredding and destruction partner.

Rank Experience as a Top Priority

There are many sub-standard shredding and destruction companies, and partnering with them can put your information at risk. Verify when your prospective shredding and destruction company was founded and look into how long they have been serving businesses in your community.

Expect Compliance Support

Ensuring that confidential and sensitive information is handled properly, from the time it’s created until it’s destroyed, is vital to protecting your business. Non-compliance with state and federal privacy laws can have serious financial and legal consequences for your business. Not every shredding and destruction company offers compliance support services that supplement your information destruction practices. Look for a company that can provide information security training for your staff.

Review Chain of Custody

A shredding and destruction service should minimize your company’s identity theft and business fraud exposure, not increase it. As a result, privacy protection should begin the moment your documents and data leave your possession. Verify whether uniformed, background-screened shredding technicians collect and destroy your information. That way you know that only the most trusted people have access to your company’s critical documents.

Check for NAID AAA Certification

Partnering with a NAID AAA Certified provider ensures you receive a secure and ethical data destruction solution. The NAID AAA Certification Program requires that providers meet their high standards in the following areas:

  • Operational security
  • Employee hiring and screening
  • Responsible information disposal
  • Liability insurance

When a NAID member has completed a successful audit, they receive a certificate showing their company name and the destruction services they’re certified to offer customers.

Look for Community Involvement

Strong communities benefit from companies that give back. Locally-owned shredding and destruction companies are more likely to support neighborhood charities, causes and events. If you value a strong community, partner with a shredding and destruction company that stays involved.

Don’t Compromise

You should never have to compromise when outsourcing your shredding and destruction.Be wary of shredding and destruction providers who limit your service options and force you into restrictive contracts.

Ask for References

Always ask a prospective shredding and destruction provider for references. Strong client references and testimonials point to exceptional service. A prospective vendor’s refusal to provide references should serve as a warning sign.

Land Shark Shredding offers NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction services in Bowling Green and throughout southwest Kentucky. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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