The What, Why, When and How of Media Destruction

Question mark - Questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problem solving, word cloud background Do you have old computer tapes, hard drives, and CDs? Did you know holding on to your electronic media puts your organization at risk of a data breach? The problem is, tossing your old computer devices in the trash harms the environment, and recycling them without destroying them first puts your data at risk. In this blog, we explain best practices for media destruction.

What is Media Destruction?

A media destruction service ensures your expired electronic computer media is handled in a secure, efficient, and sustainable manner. Your media destruction provider destroys your hard drives, thumb drives, backup tapes, CDs, and DVDs on-site at your business with a mobile shredding truck.

Why Media Destruction is Important

Tech-savvy data thieves can recover information from erased electronic media. A study conducted by the National Association of Information Destruction found that 40 percent of devices resold in publicly-available resale channels contained personally identifiable information (PII). It someone steals your organization’s data it can lead to lawsuits, non-compliance fines and permanent damage to your brand.

Media destruction is the only way to prevent a thief from stealing data on unwanted hard drives, backup tapes, and CDs. A media destruction provider uses state-of-the-art shredding technology to reduce your electronic devices to tiny particles that are impossible to reconstruct.

When to Destroy Your Media

Your data is always at risk. So, the longer you wait to destroy expired electronic media, the greater your company’s exposure to identity theft and business fraud. A media destruction provider destroys your unwanted devices as soon they expire. You can schedule service with your media destruction provider anytime to meet your one-time or ongoing data destruction needs.

How Media Destruction Works

A media destruction service makes it easy to destroy your electronic media. You gather your unwanted media and a certified, insured professional wearing a photo ID arrives at your location in a mobile shredding truck. They destroy your devices on-site while you watch and provide you with Certificate of Destruction that documents the date and time of destruction. Afterwards, your eWaste is recycled using an environmentally-friendly process.

Partnering with a media destruction provider offers a secure and green solution for protecting your business data.

Underground Vaults & Storage (UV&S) offers secure document destruction services in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. To learn more about our NAID AAA Certified mobile on-site shredding services, please contact us by phone at 270-793-0880 or complete the form on this page.

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