The Pitfalls of In-House Shredding

What do you do with your old and expired documents? Unfortunately, many companies destroy documents in house without assessing the risks and costs. In this blog, we summarize the pitfalls of in-house shredding.

Privacy Breach Exposure

Mistakes happen, but if one of your employees forgets to shred documents containing personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI), someone could hold you liable for a privacy breach. Outsourcing your shredding to an on-site mobile destruction company helps eliminate costly in-house shredding errors. Certified, insured professionals wearing photo IDs follow a strict chain of custody protocol while collecting and destroying your information. Your confidential documents are destroyed right on your premises with state-of-the art mobile shredding trucks.

Lost Productivity

Time is a precious resource, and there’s never enough. Even if you have a top-grade office shredding machine, destroying files with it can take several minutes. Staples and paperclips must be removed so the shredder doesn’t jam. Large files must be separated into small, easy-to-shred portions. And then the shredding receptacle needs to be emptied frequently. This time-consuming process pulls you away from other important, revenue-generating tasks.

A shredding service helps you stay productive. Your provider delivers locked collection containers to your office or facility. Whole files with staples and paperclips can be deposited into the collection containers in a matter of seconds. Your documents are securely stowed until your shredding company picks them up for destruction.

Regulatory Non-Compliance

Many state and federal privacy regulations, including HIPAA, FACTA and GLBA, require organizations to have written and verifiable information destruction procedures. But in-house shredding offers no proof of compliance with these laws, and your word isn’t enough to avoid non-compliance fines and penalties.

However, a shredding service provides a Certificate of Destruction each time your documents are destroyed, proving your compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Employee Safety

In house shredding not only lacks in security, efficiency and liability reduction, it puts your employees’ safety at risk. Office shredders produce dust particles that can lead to poor air quality in your office. If loose clothing, jewelry, or hair is accidentally fed into a paper shredder, it can cause an injury. And if your shredder overheats or has a loose wire, it can lead to an electrical fire fed by thousands of bits of shredded paper. Outsourcing your paper destruction to a professional shredding company eliminates these risks and keeps your employees safe.

As you can see, in-house shredding poses a significant number of risks and costs. You can avoid these pitfalls by outsourcing your shredding to a professional provider.

Land Shark Shredding offers NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction services in Bowling Green and throughout southwest Kentucky. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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