NAID News 2016 Recap

You already know that professional shredding services exist, but have you ever wondered what else is out there? In exploring the many solutions at your fingertips, have you ever wondered about the big trends in data destruction? Trust us, there’s a world far beyond your at-home, battery-powered paper shredder. Land Shark Shredding invites you to…
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Children as Targets of Identity Theft

I read a pretty alarming article this morning which I wanted to report on here. Last month, a Massachusetts man wrote a letter to his local newspaper in response to a wire story from the Chicago Tribune about “online shopping fraud.” Even though adults are considered to be most at risk, especially during the holiday shopping frenzy,…
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Data Security in 2017

At Land Shark Shredding, the security of your personal data is our top priority. We offer paper and e-media destruction services that prevent your information from being compromised via hardware. However, cybersecurity is a growing concern for people and businesses who store sensitive information online.  The guys over at Resilient Systems (@resilientsys) got on Periscope…
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