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Do’s and Don’ts of Paper Shredding

When it comes to document destruction, there’s a right way and a wrong way. One slip-up can result in a privacy breach and a non-compliance fine. In this blog, we discuss the do’s and don’ts of paper shredding. Don’t: Discard Sensitive Documents in the Trash Tossing personnel files and client records in the trash exposes…
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10 Privacy Protection Tips

Businesses around the world run the risk of being attacked by cyber criminals and identity thieves. Does your company have a reliable privacy protection plan? Use the following tips to keep your organization safe: 1. Monitor Your Credit Not keeping an eye on your credit can wreck your business finances. Request your business credit report…
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Dispelling 5 Common Document-Shredding Myths

In an age of increased identity theft and expanding privacy regulations, more organizations understand the importance of shredding sensitive and confidential records than ever before. But not every organization uses best practices when destroying documents. Commonly-held misbeliefs often thwart secure shredding efforts. In this blog, we dispel five common document shredding myths. Myth 1: Keeping…
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Choosing Between an On-Site or Off-Site Shredding Service

In the past, using office shredders to shred outdated paper records was acceptable. Now, most organizations understand the risk of using them as a document destruction solution. In earlier blogs, we’ve even discussed the ways office shredders increase your company’s identity theft exposure. Today, more companies understand that hiring a document destruction partner saves time…
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The Benefits of Partnering with a NAID AAA Certified Destruction Company

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the international, non-profit trade association for companies providing information destruction services. NAID’s mission is to champion the protection of personally identifiable information, intellectual property, as well as regulatory compliance through the secure disposition of information and media in all forms by promoting customer best-practices using qualified service providers.…
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6 Excuses for Not Shredding Documents

Despite a barrage of high-profile corporate data breaches, many businesses still don’t have an effective privacy protection solution. And even though document shredding offers an easy and effective way to safeguard confidential data; many organizations push shredding to the wayside. Don’t make the same mistake; avoid the excuses below. 1. Shredding Takes Too Long Using…
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