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Improper Document Destruction Can Leave Businesses in Shreds

Even though you’ve worked hard to build your business and put policies and procedures in place to minimize risks, relying on your employees to handle document shredding makes you vulnerable to a huge potential liability. In addition, failure to protect sensitive information and comply fully with rules and regulations regarding data destruction can have serious consequences for your business. From costly fines to irreparable damage to your reputation. Therefore, a lack of compliance can truly ruin everything you’ve worked hard to build.

Even if you use a high-quality paper shredder to destroy documents, you’re not doing enough to ensure complete data security. Your employees may have difficulty determining what needs to be shredded in the first place. And there may be serious slowdowns that leave data unprotected while waiting to be destroyed due to:

  • Paper jams and malfunctions that slow down work
  • User errors that compromise the quality of the shred project
  • Slowness and inefficiency of manual shredding
  • Lack of time for employees to devote to shredding

A Secure Shredding Service Removes Your Risk

Every sheet of paper that goes into the trash can or recycling bin instead of the shredder or that isn’t completely destroyed by the shredder is a liability for your business. In other words, outsourcing shredding to an experienced, professional company can ensure that all sensitive information is properly destroyed in compliance with laws and regulations by:

  • Providing onsite NAID AAA Certified Document Shredding
  • Assisting with employee training on HIPAA and other laws that affect your industry and on general identity theft prevention

Land Shark Shredding Is the Local Solution

We are a locally based on-site mobile destruction company. Land Shark Shredding is ready to help you reduce your risk and protect your business. For Bowling Green companies we offer:

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