Shredding Services For Non Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are normally the heart and soul of any community. These organizations tend to operate on the principle of “Do unto others.” Unfortunately, identity thieves and other criminals don’t hold to the same principles and actually target non-profit organizations for several very simple reasons.

First, because Identity thieves know that non-profit organizations keep a wide variety of documents containing sensitive information such as data on volunteers, credit card receipts, donation slip, and names and addresses.

Second, because these criminals know that non profits don’t have the resources to provide for on the site shredding machines nor do they have unlimited space to store sensitive documents, which can result in the occasional slip up occurring and important information reaching the trash can where they can simply pick it up and put it to use….their own criminal endeavors.

This makes it essential for non-profit organizations to arrange for a professional paper shredding service to help them, keep all that confidential information safe and secure and protect those people who donate or volunteer their time, money and other items to help the non-profit organization do all the good it does.

Reasonable Rates And Discounts

Government regulations prohibit shredding service companies from providing free shredding services even to non-profit organizations. However, because many of these services really appreciate these organizations and want to help them continue their good works they often offer non-profits discounts on their services and try to work with the organization to provide excellent services that are convenient to the non-profit.

Paper shredding services often offer their services to non-profits organizations on an on-call basis. This means instead of scheduling regular pick up days and times, they provide services whenever it is convenient to the organization even if that is only once a year. While most shredding services have a limited number of boxes of documents they accept for a set price with their profitable customers, they occasionally will clean out an entire closet or storage area of sensitive documents for a non-profit at a low price. They will then provide a certificate of destruction showing that the organization has met all regulatory guidelines for the destruction of documents.

In addition, paper shredding services will give the non-profit the option of having those documents shredded on-site or taken to their secure facility and shredded. By offering the non-profit a choice of shredding options, discounts whenever possible, and swift friendly service, shredding services are helping non-profits continue in the business of helping others while protecting their volunteers and other people’s sensitive information from being stolen and misused.

Land Shark Shredding will do whatever it can within the rules and regulations to help your non-profit organization.

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