Shred with Pokemon GO!

You probably heard a few things about a new smartphone app called “Pokemon Go” this past week. If you’re curious about what it is, “Pokemon Go” is an augmented reality video game that allows users to capture stylized animal characters in the world around them. If I go on a walk through my neighborhood down to my local park, I should expect to see several of these creatures in my vicinity. If I meet other players, our “Pokemon” can fight each other in the app at certain landmarks called “gyms.”

The real point of the game is to get people outside and exploring the world around them by catching as many of these “Pokemon” as possible.  You never know where they might be.

With that in mind, you could run into a few at our Community Shred Days going forward. Follow “Land Shark Shredding” on social media to find out when these events are. We’ll keep you informed if we catch a Scyther trying to shred up some paper!



(P.S. We hope they update the app to include more of these “Pokemon” at some point. We want Sharpedo!)


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