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Recent Reviews

Kendra Cunningham
We needed to shred old client documents, but wanted them shredded on site. Land Shark was on time, friendly, efficient and exceeded our expectations. Great value for the price.
Michele Vise
They did an outstanding job! There were on time and very efficient! Would recommend to anyone!
H C Cunningham
We needed to destroy old business records and called Land Shark Shredding. We wanted these records shredded on site and not hauled away for shredding as many services do. Land Shark gave us a reasonable...
Rebecca Little
I was very pleased with Land Shark Shredding. They were right on time... called to let me know when they would be the job done very quickly. I will definitely recommend them...
Carol Mullins
Excellent service! The scheduling was easy and convenient. We has 450 lbs of paper to shred and they were on time and very efficient. Land Shark has competitive pricing and they come...
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