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Don’t Let Your Products Fall into the Wrong Hands

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a wholesaler or a retailer, your products are your responsibility. You take steps to reduce the risk of customers becoming injured by the products that you make or sell, but if you haven’t developed policies and procedures regarding proper product disposal, you haven’t completely safeguarded your company against loss. Land Shark Shredding can help you fill in the gaps to ensure that even the products you throw away don’t end up a liability for your business.

Product Destruction Services for Every Need

Land Shark Shredding offers a full range of product destruction services in Bowling Green. We can assist you with the disposal of:

  • Defective Merchandise. Keep recalled, returned, counterfeit, expired and mislabeled products from being scavenged from your dumpster by having them responsibly destroyed.
  • Sensitive Products. Uniforms, identification cards, and other equipment and products could pose a threat to your company’s security if they were to ever fall into the wrong hands. We’ll make sure they are completely destroyed.
  • Prototypes. Protect your trade secrets by having prototypes professionally destroyed.
  • Products Regulated by Law. Toys, textiles, pill bottles and other types of products often require special disposal practices in order to comply with laws and regulations. We keep up to date on the latest rules regarding product destruction and can help you ensure full compliance.

The Simple Solution for Safe Destruction

When you choose Land Shark Shredding to handle your product destruction needs, you’ll benefit from our years of experience and our complete pick-up and on-site document destruction services.

Once we’ve finished, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records as proof that you followed proper protocols. We can provide one-time product destruction services or set up regularly scheduled visits to your location to meet your needs.

To get a free quote or learn more about our product destruction services, please contact us by phone at 270-793-0880 or complete the form on this page.

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