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Information Security Matters

No matter what industry you’re in, there are laws and regulations that you must adhere to when it comes to how you manage, retain and dispose of sensitive documents.

Whether it’s the files stored in your HR department, the boxes full of medical records of your patients, or the hard drive filled with your clients’ financial information, you need to make sure that documents and data containing regulated information is handled properly at all times. Otherwise, your company could face the threat of costly fines, legal liabilities and irreparable damage to your business.

Land Shark Shredding is dedicated to helping companies like yours reduce these risks with our policy and procedure consulting services.

The Key to Compliance

Compliance with data and document security regulations starts with policies and procedures. Your responsibility as the employer is to train employees to properly handle all confidential information. In order to do so, your employees need written guidelines and training to ensure compliance. Land Shark Shredding can help you develop the right policies and procedures to:

  • Establish a corporate culture where every team member understands the importance of data protection
  • Designate a key member of your staff as a compliance officer with a set of rules and responsibilities that are clearly defined
  • Set up clearly defined guidelines regarding what documents and data must be retained, how it should be protected during retention and when it should be purged
  • Institute the right policies regarding paper document disposal, making it clear when documents should be shredded and when they can be placed in the recycling bin
  • Protect all types of electronic data that your company owns—from outdated VHS tapes to your brand new hard drives
  • Create a mandatory schedule for training and retraining your employees on your policies and procedures
  • Outline the steps that should be taken if an employee does not adhere to policies and procedures or if a data breach of any size occurs

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