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Simplifying Document and Data Destruction for Everyone

Land Shark Shredding is a NAID AAA Certified shredding provider and the only locally based on-site mobile destruction company headquartered in Bowling Green. We are committed to protecting our customers from the threat of data breaches and identity theft.

Our number one priority is to help companies mitigate risk by ensuring that their documents and data are destroyed professionally and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. By making destruction simple, we save companies time, money, and we educate employees, therefore, protecting customers from potentially costly legal liabilities and fines.

Solutions Tailored to Every Industry

Our mobile shredding and data destruction services can benefit businesses in any industry, including:

  • Schools and Educational Institutions: Protect the privacy of your students by having records properly destroyed when they are no longer needed. Let us handle the destruction of old computers, disks and other electronics when your institution upgrades to keep data secure.
  • General Businesses: Ensure that your company’s confidential information remains safe and secure. We’ll help you navigate the laws and regulations that correspond to your specific industry to help you fully comply.
  • Home Office Shredding: Comply with your company’s policies regarding off-site document security or protect your self-owned, home-based business by ensuring that your files and electronic data are disposed of in a safe way.
  • Legal Services and Law Firms: Don’t let your law firm become subject to a lawsuit due to improper disposal of confidential information. Client trust is vital to the success of any firm, and we’ll help you maintain it by safeguarding your client records and related documents.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution: Keep prototypes, recalled and defective merchandise and all other confidential company information from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Maintain your donor’s privacy and protect other confidential information by having it destroyed at your location by our carefully screened, experienced team. We’ll help you protect your organization from financial liability and bad publicity that could destroy your fundraising and grant-seeking efforts.
  • Residential Shredding: Lower your family’s risk of becoming victims of identity theft. Have us destroy old credit cards, financial information, personal computer hard drives, mobile device SIM cards and more.
  • Additionally, we serve the following industries: Automotive Dealers, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Credit Card Companies, Major Retailers

To get a free quote or learn more about our services for businesses and families, please contact us by phone at 270-793-0880 or fill out the form.

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