Medical Waste Management Association debuting soon!


This week’s blog post correlates directly to last week’s discussion about HIPAA compliance. Companies responsible for handling secure information require oversight. Land Shark Shredding, and lots of other companies like us, abide by rules and regulations set by The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). These rules are in place to ensure that your secure waste stays that way even after our trucks haul it off.

HIPAA compliance is a growing concern for people in our industry as well as for those who provide health care. Most professional shredding companies can easily dispose of old paper records, but more and more of us are looking into the secure disposal of medical waste. This includes used needles, empty prescription bottles, et cetera. With growing interest and concern, NAID has established a special coalition to oversee medical waste management specifically. The Medical Waste Management Association (MWMA) is comprised of appointed NAID members whose task will be to govern best practices with the disposal of medical waste. The MWMA officially begins duties the second week of July.

The Board of Directors for the MWMA recently met with NAID’s conference committee. They reached an agreement to have the MWMA’s first annual conference coincide with NAID Conference 2017. Per NAIDNews, this event will take place at the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 22 – 24. NAID 2017 attendees will have access to everything that the MWMA conference has to offer. This combined exposition is expected to attract a greater number of vendors and attendees, which spells booming business for all of us!

Registration for the MWMA conference doesn’t open until October 3, but if you’re planning to join us in Vegas next March, it’s never too early to start planning!


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