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Identity Theft Is Real

Every year, more than 15 million Americans become victims of identity theft, with thieves stealing more than $50 billion from the people and companies they prey upon. Identity theft comes in many forms, including:

  • Consumer Identity Theft: Thieves may steal paper records or electronic data and use the information to obtain credit and take out loans, racking up debt in victims’ names. The devastating effect that this can have on credit ratings can make it difficult for victims to obtain loans and secure housing.
  • Medical Identity Theft: Thieves use vulnerabilities in medical providers’ data and document security to steal victims’ personal information and insurance data and then receive necessary or cosmetic medical treatments using their identities. Not only does this result in fraudulent medical expenses for victims, but it can also put them in danger of receiving incorrect medications and treatments, leading to life-threatening health complications.
  • Corporate Identity Theft: Companies are now becoming victims of data theft, having confidential information leaked to the public. Businesses can also become victims of financial identity theft and have their credit ratings ruined.

Make Your Employees Your First Line of Defense

Regardless of your industry, laws, and regulations require your company to take steps to protect your customers from identity thieves. Failure to comply can result in crippling fines and irreparable damage to your reputation. Instituting policies and procedures to safeguard customer information can help you to comply, but only if your employees adhere to them. Your team is truly your first line of defense against losses due to identity theft, and Land Shark Shredding can help you inform and educate employees so they have the knowledge necessary to protect your business.

Sessions That Inform and Engage Employees

During our engaging identity theft training sessions, we review:

  • What identity theft is and how it works
  • How identity thieves use high tech and low tech means of stealing information
  • The consequences of identity theft both for victims and for businesses that suffer data breaches
  • Methods of protecting data to prevent identity theft
  • Ways to spot potential identity theft and what to do if they suspect someone is trying to steal information
  • Strategies for communicating with co-workers, customers and the general public regarding identity theft

At the conclusion of our training session, we provide you with records that you can retain to prove that you educated your team on identity theft.

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