Happy Halloween from Land Shark Shredding!


Over at Land Shark Shredding, we take Halloween very seriously. Haunted houses are one of our favorite fall pastimes. Pumpkin Alley is a local favorite. And if you don’t go to Jackson’s Orchard for pumpkin bread and cider, well, you’re simply doing it wrong.

As for our favorite costumes, we prefer anything shark-related. You can find the “Left Shark” from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance all over the internet. We’re also partial to Chevy Chase’s costume on Saturday Night Live. His “Land Shark” skits are our namesake, after all! We’ll have to keep an eye out if we find a costume that does Chevy’s justice. When it comes to Halloween, we don’t like to half-ass it!

In honor of Chevy, classic SNL and Halloween, we share with you a classic “Land Shark” compilation:

SNL “Land Shark” Season 1, 1975


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