Everything You Need to Know about Scheduled Shredding

Close-up of a calendar on which a date has just been circled in red ink. All companies rely on confidential documents. Over time, these documents expire and must be disposed of. In this blog, we explain how a scheduled shredding service works and how it benefits your business.

Routine Document Destruction

Every sheet of paper that your business keeps is more than just a document; it is a vulnerability. The legal and financial consequences of compromised sensitive data can cripple your organization. A scheduled shredding service establishes a secure routine that limits data breach risks. A professional document destruction expert assesses your paper shredding needs and offers a recurring shredding solution tailored to your company’s requirements. Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, your shredding provider destroys your expired documents in a prompt manner.

Privacy Protection

You have a legal obligation to protect data collected from your employees and customers. Failing to shred expired documents with personally identifiable information (PII) puts them at risk for identity theft. A scheduled shredding service reduces identity theft risks. After setting your recurring shredding schedule, your shredding provider brings security bins to your business. These locked receptacles allow your employees to dispose of confidential documents without having to remove staples, paperclips, or rubber bands—items that often jam store-bought office shredders. When the containers are full, a security-screened, professional shredding technician collects the contents for on-site mobile destruction.


HIPPA, FACTA and GLB contain provisions requiring businesses to comply with information destruction requirements. Organizations must be able to prove their information destruction policies and procedures to avoid non-compliance fines. Each time your scheduled shredding provider shreds your documents, they offer a Certificate of Destruction that proves your compliance with state and federal regulations.


There are fewer headaches than shredding documents with an office shredder. You must remove staples and paperclips from documents before feeding them into the shredder just a few pages at a time to avoid paper jams. Afterwards, you are left with a shredding receptacle to empty and a mess to clean. A scheduled shredding service gives you and your employees more time to focus on other important goals.

As you can see, a scheduled shredding service helps your business stay secure, compliant, and productive.

Land Shark Shredding offers shredding services in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Orlando, FL.

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