Employee Compliance Training

Compliance Begins with Your Employees

Ensuring that confidential and sensitive information is handled properly from the time it’s recorded until it’s ultimately destroyed is vital to protecting your business. Non-compliance can have serious consequences—from fines to a ruined reputation that can destroy your business.

What employees do every day ultimately impacts whether or not you fully comply with the laws and regulations that govern your industry. With our employee compliance training, Land Shark Shredding can give your employees the tools and guidance they need to make the right decisions every time to guarantee compliance regarding documents and data.

Arm Your Team with the Knowledge They Need

You hired a team of conscientious people that want to do their best on the job. When they fall short of following your compliance policies and procedures, it’s usually because they didn’t understand what was expected of them. Arming your employees with knowledge regarding the importance of compliance and how their actions impact your company is the best way to ensure that confidential information is handled correctly. Land Shark Shredding can provide that knowledge with our engaging, informative training sessions. During a session we:

  • Come to your place of business at a time that is convenient for you
  • Introduce the topic of compliance and explain its importance, helping them to understand why it matters that they adhere to your policies and procedures
  • Explain what is required to be compliant
  • Break down the key points of your policies and procedures, so that team members understand what is expected of them
  • Have each employee sign a statement indicating they have received compliance training, understand the policies and procedures and are committed to doing their part

All of our training sessions are customized to your industry and will cover your specific policies and procedures. At the conclusion of the sessions, you’ll receive the signed statements to retain for your records as proof that you took the necessary steps to train your employees.

Ongoing Support for Continued Success

When you keep the subject of compliance fresh in your employees’ minds, it helps reduce the risk of employee complacency. Land Shark Shredding will work with you to develop a program that includes ongoing training, including sessions for new hires and refresher sessions for your more seasoned employees. We’ll develop the best training strategy to ensure the continued success of your employee compliance training efforts.

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