Earth Day 2017 was a huge success!

Kevin hard at work

On April 22nd, Land Shark Shredding partnered with local authorities to offer a day of free shredding services. “Household Hazardous Waste Day” encouraged members of our community to get their spring cleaning done and to learn about proper disposal methods. We think there’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day!

Kevin took one of our trucks to Franklin, Kentucky, and the community there shredded 5,280 pounds of paper! In Bowling Green, Brittany posted up at Greenwood High School, where we chomped through a whopping 8,920 pounds of paper! That’s a total of 14,200 pounds.

If our math is correct, that’s 7.1 tons of paper recycled. This means that, in celebration of Earth Day, the Land Shark community saved approximately:

  • 119 trees
  • 1,925 pounds of sulfur
  • 553 gallons of oil
  • 700 gallons of gasoline
  • 2,450 pounds of lime
  • 63,000 pounds of steam
  • 49,000 gallons of water
  • 28 kilowatt hours of electricity (Enough to power your home for nearly 3 years!)
  • 23.1 cubic yards of landfill space

Those are stats to be proud of! South Central Kentucky has quite the green thumb, and Land Shark Shredding hopes to keep it that way! Thank you to all who came out to our Earth Day events. Stay tuned for more in the future!

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