Do’s and Don’ts of Paper Shredding

When it comes to document destruction, there’s a right way and a wrong way. One slip-up can result in a privacy breach and a non-compliance fine. In this blog, we discuss the do’s and don’ts of paper shredding.

Don’t: Discard Sensitive Documents in the Trash

Tossing personnel files and client records in the trash exposes your employees and customers to identity theft. Thieves sift through corporate trash and recycling receptacles looking for confidential and sensitive data.

Do: Shred Confidential Paper Records

Always shred documents that contain personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). The right shredding provider will customize a scheduled shredding service plan specifically for your business.

Don’t: Use a Shredding Machine

How much time do your employees spend shredding documents? They must remove paperclips and staples from files before feeding them into a paper shredding machine. Paper jams must be fixed, and the shredding machine’s receptacle needs to be emptied. Additionally, if documents sit around before shredding, it leaves you vulnerable to a data breach.

Do: Use a Shredding Service

Mobile shredding helps your business stay productive. Your mobile shredding provider places security containers throughout your facility, allowing sensitive documents to be discarded quickly and securely. Weekly, monthly or quarterly, the contents are collected and destroyed on-site at your business.

Don’t: Keep Paper Records Forever

Certain documents, including tax files, must be kept for several years, but most hard copy records have shorter retention lifespans. Keeping them too long takes up valuable office space and increases your organization’s exposure to identity theft, business fraud, and even legal discovery.

Do: Follow a Final Disposition Schedule

Keeping paper records past their retention lifespan increases your exposure to identity theft and business fraud. When documents reach a final disposition date, have them destroyed by a scheduled shredding service.

Don’t: Use an Off-Site Shredding Company

Many shredding companies transport their customers’ documents offsite for destruction. Anything can happen to your information on the way to the shredding facility. If the driver forgets to lock the vehicle’s storage compartment, your documents can spill out onto the highway. And at the shredding plant, anyone can see your documents.

Do: Partner with an On-Site Shredding Provider

On-site shredding eliminates unauthorized access to your private information. Your shredding provider destroys your documents on your premises while you watch. Mobile shredding vehicles use video verification systems that prevent privacy breach risks and document your company’s compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Land Shark Shredding offers shredding and destruction services throughout Kentucky and in Tennessee, Illinois and Indiana.

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