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Privacy Protection Tips for Your Business

A data breach affects more than your wallet; it damages your customer relationships and can ruin your brand reputation. Do you have a privacy protection strategy? In this blog, we offer several tips for protecting your business information. Implement a Clean Desk Policy A clean desk policy should be part of your privacy protection strategy.…
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Everything You Need to Know about Scheduled Shredding

All companies rely on confidential documents. Over time, these documents expire and must be disposed of. In this blog, we explain how a scheduled shredding service works and how it benefits your business. Routine Document Destruction Every sheet of paper that your business keeps is more than just a document; it is a vulnerability. The…
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Laws That Govern Paper Shredding

Done the right way, paper shredding improves office productivity, reduces workplace hazards, and saves you money. Plus, it keeps your business on the right side of the law. In this blog, we discuss several federal regulations that govern paper shredding. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) FACTA requires financial institutions and creditors to…
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The Perils of DIY Shredding

Are you shredding your documents in-house? Have you considered the risks of DIY shredding? In this blog, we help you reconsider your current document destruction strategy. 1. Limited Privacy One of the biggest drawbacks of DIY shredding is security. Sometimes you may toss a document in a trash can or recycling container to save time…
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What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Shredding

You know you have a responsibility to destroy outdated documents, but sometimes you need help. In this blog, we explain what to consider when outsourcing your shredding. Experience Partnering with an inexperienced shredding company puts you and your confidential information at risk. Make sure your outsourced shredding partner has long-term experience serving a variety of…
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Answers to the Top Document Shredding Questions

Document shredding should play a key role in every company’s information security plan, but not all organizations have a clear grasp of best practices. Here are answers to the top document shredding questions. Q: Why should I outsource my document shredding? A: Outsourcing your shredding ensures your documents are destroyed securely and on time. A…
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