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What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Shredding

You know you have a responsibility to destroy outdated documents, but sometimes you need help. In this blog, we explain what to consider when outsourcing your shredding. Experience Partnering with an inexperienced shredding company puts you and your confidential information at risk. Make sure your outsourced shredding partner has long-term experience serving a variety of…
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Answers to the Top Document Shredding Questions

Document shredding should play a key role in every company’s information security plan, but not all organizations have a clear grasp of best practices. Here are answers to the top document shredding questions. Q: Why should I outsource my document shredding? A: Outsourcing your shredding ensures your documents are destroyed securely and on time. A…
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Inside a Mobile Shredding Service

Are you in need of an information disposal partner? You can’t trust just anyone with your most sensitive documents. In this blog, we describe how a mobile shredding service works and explain the benefits it offers your business. Collection Mobile shredding offers on-site collection and destruction of your sensitive and confidential documents. Your shredding provider…
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What, Why, When, and How of Product Destruction

Eventually, every business must deal with outdated merchandise, defective products, and expired materials. Do you send yours to a landfill or recycling facility? In this blog, we explain best practices for product destruction. What is Product Destruction? A product destruction service ensures your end-of-life and defective products are securely removed from your distribution channel. A…
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7 Questions to Ask a Media Destruction Company

Knowing what to do with your obsolete computer media is a challenge. Do you sell it or toss it in a recycling bin? Neither way is great for protecting your data. Here are the most important questions to ask when selecting a media destruction company. 1. What media do you destroy? Ask your prospective media…
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On-Site Mobile Shredding vs. Off-Site Shredding

One of the best ways to protect your customers’ and employees’ privacy is through shredding. But which type of shredding offers the most secure privacy protection solution? In this blog, we compare on-site mobile shredding with off-site shredding. Off-Site Shredding Off-site shredding providers collect your confidential documents and load them on a truck. If you…
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