5 Ways to Declutter Your Work Space

Describes 5 Tips and Reasons for Decluttering Your Work Space It’s important to keep your work space clean and tidy, if nothing else but for productivity reasons. Studies show that a clean work space helps you focus and be more productive than a messy or cluttered work space. Have you ever considered the security reasons for keeping your work space secure, though? Leaving documents or sticky notes on your desk can expose private information about you or your business to people who shouldn’t have access to that information. In this blog, we offer five tips for keeping your work space safe and free of clutter.

1. Simple Cleaning

Remove documents from your desk, especially ones that contain important information. This includes sticky notes that could contain passwords. While it might be easy to leave documents out for reference, be sure to put them away at the end of the work day or when you step away from your work space.

2. Organization is Key

Create files or folders for specific information and keep documents in their designated area. Store those in locked cabinets or secure locations.

3. Securely Destroy Files

One of the best ways to get rid of unnecessary or expired documents is to use a secure document destruction company to properly and legally dispose of your files. This helps avoid letting documents pile up and gives you the confidence that your sensitive information is being taken care of securely.

4. Go Digital

Do all those documents need to be printed? Can you instead operate digitally? When possible, consider storing files in a digital folder. Programs like Google Drive or Dropbox work well for digital file storage and sharing. This helps ensure security and avoid physical clutter and allows information to be saved in a password-protected account.

5. Implement an Office Clutter Policy

Whether you work in the security industry or not, it’s likely you’ll possess documents that contain private or sensitive information. Set a standard, or even an office policy, for how employees should manage their work space and how they deal with documents, particularly ones of a sensitive nature. Institute a weekly desk cleaning policy to ensure documents don’t linger on top of desks for weeks or months.

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