5 Travel Security Tips

It’s almost Spring Break season, which means many Americans will be traveling. In the midst of your excitement and fun, don’t forget to keep your private information secure. Whether it’s in an airport, train station, hotel, or coffee shop, there are plenty of ways to take precautions in keeping your data safe. In this blog, we’ll give you five tips to stay secure while traveling.

1. Use Secure
WiFi Rather than Free WiFi

While it might be quick and easy to connect to the free WiFi and it might seem harmless for just some generic Internet searching, take the extra step to obtain a password for a secure Internet connection. Most hotels, coffee shops, and businesses have a free network and a password-protected network. Using an insecure connection leaves you more vulnerable to an attack from a hacker. If you plan on purchasing anything or doing anything that requires personal information, it’s especially important you use a secure WiFi connection. One way to check and make sure it’s secure is to try to log in purposely using the wrong password. If it lets you on anyway, it’s not a secure network.

2. Disable Auto-Connect

Most phones now have a feature that allows you to automatically connect to WiFi. That’s convenient and useful in your regular routine of home, work, etc. While traveling, however, experts recommend disabling this feature and manually connecting to WiFi.

3. Disable Bluetooth

To take it a step further, disconnect your devices that use Bluetooth connection. If left on, someone nearby you can use your connection to hack into your device and send you malicious information via Bluetooth or Airdrop. Also avoid using a mobile hotspot. If a hacker connects using your hotspot, that opens up a whole world of possibilities that you leave you at risk.

4. Avoid Location Sharing

Many social networking sites ask you to share your location, and some people do so without thinking it through. Others manually share their location by tagging a photo to a specific location. This can create a security threat for you both while traveling and at home. Tagging your location lets a criminal know exactly where you are and, more importantly, where you aren’t. If you have personal, important belongings left in a hotel room or at home and you make it obvious you’re not at either of those places, it makes it that much easier for someone to harm you.

5. Change Passwords

It might be annoying to do and seem frivolous, but plenty of travel security experts recommend taking this small step of changing your passwords before you travel and again when you come home. This is especially important when traveling internationally. Make it something that isn’t easy to remember or something you use on any other devices or accounts.

While many of these may seem tedious and over-the-top, the main point is that you’re leaving an area of comfort and entering a place where you don’t have an inherent sense of trust built up yet. You can never be too safe when it comes to your personal information.

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