5 Tips for Secure Media Destruction

Crumpled piece of paper with text on it that says Land Shark Shredding Security Tip of the Week Media Destruction Tips. Complete text also on page. Did you know that it’s often possible for a tech-savvy data thief to recover information from hard drives, disks and other electronic media—even if the data has been manually deleted? It’s true, and it’s a serious threat to the security of companies like yours. In this blog, we’ll address five tips to make sure your electronic media is destroyed safely.

There are plenty of thieves who are tech-savvy enough to extract information from electronic media, even after it’s been seemingly disposed of. It poses a dangerous threat to individuals and companies. There are ways to securely and legally destroy your media. In this blog, we’ll address five tips to make sure your electronic media is destroyed safely.

1. Wipe all hard drives

Wipe all hard drives and readable/writeable disks of any information. Deleting files won’t completely remove the information from the disk.

2. Don’t stockpile media

Just like with paper documents, cluttered and stockpiled media can lead to possible exposure or end up in the wrong hands, be it a rogue co-worker or someone else who enters the office. It also helps provide a cleaner, more productive work space. Destroy your media regularly.

3. Keep a log of all your devices

Maintain a log of all your devices, what information is or was on them, and when or if they were destroyed. This includes keeping track of the serial number as well.

4. Totally destroy your devices

While recycling is typically the preferred route with paper, with electronic media, experts suggest complete destruction, otherwise you risk further exposure to criminals. Just deleting files isn’t enough. Some criminals look for older devices to do nefarious things with because many people don’t properly destroy their media and instead just give it away or throw it away.

5. Use a secure destruction company

Like with any security issue, you run the risk of leaving yourself or your company exposed if you don’t destroy sensitive material properly. Secure destruction companies are up-to-speed on laws and regulations that pertain to secure document and media destruction and can take care of your needs safely and legally.

Land Shark Shredding offers secure media destruction services in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Orlando, Florida. To get a free quote or learn more, please visit our media destruction services page, contact us by phone at 270-793-0880, or complete the form on this page.

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