5 Reasons to #GoGreen with Land Shark Shredding


One of the most dire issues facing our world today is a need for renewable resources. Recycling waste is one of the best things we can do for the environment. Making plastics, fabrics and other things out of reusable materials is an important solution. Every time you shred your paper with Land Shark, you commit to a better world. All of your shredded material is taken to a secure, legally-compliant recycling facility in Bowling Green. There, it becomes cardboard, paper towels, toilet paper, et cetera. Just imagine, all those old receipts and medical records turned into toilet paper!

If that isn’t incentive enough, here are 5 more reasons to #GoGreen with Land Shark Shredding:

5. “Going Green” saves trees

17 of them for every ton of paper recycled, to be exact. Shred enough, and we might save an entire forest! More trees means cleaner air and a healthier you.

4. “Going Green” creates jobs

Approximately 3o new jobs are created to collect the materials. 40 are created to process those materials. Additionally, 75 jobs are required to manufacture new products from the recycled materials.

3. “Going Green” reduces workplace stress

When you trust your paper shredding to the pros, we handle everything for you. That saves you and your employees precious time and money.

2. “Going Green” means zero exploitation

Third world countries do not receive any of the materials or products gathered by Land Shark Shredding. Unlike some recycling firms who illegally export unprocessed equipment with hazardous and toxic materials to poorer nations, we are vigilant in our efforts to ensure that even our partner companies operate under a “No Export Policy.” We are doing our part to keep the planet and its people safe!

1. “Going Green” makes you a superhero

Okay, you probably won’t get a fancy cape or a suit of armor, but a commitment to a green lifestyle is as close as most of us will come to saving the world. After all, isn’t that a superhero’s job?

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