4 Ways a One-Time Shredding Service Helps Your Business

Four fingers of woman's hand over white background. Lady showing four ways out over white background. Are accumulated documents taking over your office? Do you have an identity theft prevention plan for 2020? In this blog, we highlight several ways a one-time shredding service can help your business.

Clutter Reduction

Paper clutter in the office has a negative impact on employee morale, reduces workflow efficiency, and increases privacy breach risks. A one-time shredding service makes a huge difference in eliminating paper clutter and unnecessary storage of expired documents. Hundreds of pounds of old paper files can be destroyed with a mobile document destruction vehicle in a matter of minutes. As a result, your office stays cleaner, less cluttered, and more secure.

Enhanced Productivity

In-house shredding is time consuming. Your staff must hand-feed a few sheets at a time into a paper shredder, wait for the paper to be shredded, and empty the shredding receptacle. Several hours monthly can be spent on destroying documents.

A purge shredding service keeps your staff focused on their daily responsibilities. Your shredding provider brings security bins to your business. These locked receptacles allow your employees to dispose of confidential documents without having to remove staples, paperclips, or rubber bands—items that often jam store-bought office shredders. When the containers are full, a security-screened, professional shredding technician collects the contents for on-site mobile destruction.

Regulatory Compliance

If an expired document falls into the wrong hands, your business can be held liable for a privacy breach, fined, and even sued. A one-time shredding service eliminates that risk. Whether you have a box of old paperwork or an entire file room of expired files, your shredding provider brings a mobile shredding vehicle to your business and destroys your information on site. Once your shredding project is complete, your shredding provider presents you with a Certificate of Destruction. This document proves your business’ compliance with state and federal privacy laws and regulations.

Privacy Protection

Old, unneeded documents languishing in filing cabinets and storage boxes make your business more vulnerable to a security breach. A one-time shredding service reduces the risk of data theft by eliminating old paperwork. Certified, insured professionals wearing photo IDs follow strict chain of custody protocols while collecting and destroying your paper records. Your confidential documents never leave your premises; your shredding provider destroys them on-site with a state-of-the art mobile shredding truck.

Whether you’re moving your business and don’t want to take a mountain of paperwork with you, or just need an efficient and secure solution for reducing office clutter, a one-time shredding service is the way to go.

Land Shark Shredding offers NAID AAA Certified one-time mobile shredding services throughout Kentucky and in Tennessee, Illinois and Indiana.

For questions or more information about our one-time shredding services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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